Priyanka Gandhi challenges Narendra Modi to fight elections on demonetization and false promises


Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Priyanka Gandhi challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi 25 the remaining two phases of Lok Sabha elections on the basis of demonetization, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and ‘failed promises’ that BJP government ensured the people.

Addressing roadshow in Delhi Brahmpuri for Congress North East Delhi candidate Sheila Dikshit, she claimed that Narendra Modi came to Delhi only 5 years ago she has been a Delhi resident for past 47 years and she understands Delhi far way better than Narendra Modi.

Congress general secretary openly challenged Prime Minister to Fight the last two phases of Lok Sabha elections on demonetization, GST, and crimes against women and those false promises which he made to the nation’s youth before coming to power.

Priyanka Gandhi took over Narendra Modi and said that he is making excuses and using Nehru and Indira Gandhi to hide behind his failures.

Previously, Narendra Modi in his address challenged Congress president Rahul Gandhi to fight the remaining two phases of elections in the name of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi who was adorned by his courtiers as a ‘clean master’ but ended up as a ‘Bhrashtachari number one.’

Remarking the speech, Modi had said that People in the country should know how the Gandhi family has looted them for all these years.

Taking up the issue of GST, Priyanka Gandhi added that the new direct tax regime broke the back of businessman. She condemned the practice of negative politics by Narendra Modi.

Talking of the basic issues of jobs and employment she said that the Modi government has failed to protect a better future for the youth of the country. She added that Modi has failed to protect soldiers youth and women who hold him accountable and seek for answers.

The seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi will go to polls in the 6th phase of Lok Sabha elections on May 12. The election’s results will be announced on May 23.


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