Could Pulwama Attack be stopped?


On 14 th feb our 40 soldiers got martyred in Pulwama attack by the terrorists. Jaish e Mohammad has taken the responsibility of the attack .

Post this incident tension between the two countries has increased. India has carried out air strikes in the area of balkot district of Pakistan targeting the training camps of the terrorist.

The attack was carried out by a 20 year boy who was Kashmiri. 200kgs of explosive was used in the attack . It is a big intelligence failure .
Post Uri attack India had conducted surgical strikes in parts of Pakistan occupied Kashmir .The government failed to put pressure on Pakistan to take action against the terrorist organizations which could have prevented this unfortunate incident.

The government has failed to address the issues of Kashmir. The will power that government has shown to carry out the air strikes in Pakistan is praise worthy but at the same time the government lacks the same willpower to address the issue of Kashmir which has led to youngsters joining such terror activities. The coalition of BJP lead by PDP government has failed to provide peace, education and opportunity in the valley . The government in center has failed to realize the fact that military domination in Kashmir is a short term plan to establish peace in valley . On the other hand the Modi government has coined votes by the conducting air strikes on Pakistan to satisfy the emotion of the people in the country. At the same time the government has been successful in dodging the issues where it has failed miserably. The government came into power on issue of Ram mandir , employment and development which has now subsided .
Pulwama incident is unfortunate but it has provided the government a chance to boost its degrading image and modi Lahar among the masses . Prime minister modi has been successful in cornering the short comings of the government. Pulwama will play a major role in bringing back prime minister modi in power in the 2019 elections.

Pulwama attack is unfortunate but it has provided a boost to the government.


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