Is Wing Commander Abhinandan’s return really a peace gesture by our neighbour country?

Abhinandan Varthaman(right)

On 1st March Pakistan released IAF wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman who was caught as prisoner of war by Pakistan’s military establishment. Abhinandan’s fighter plane crashed while shooting down Pakistan’s F16 jet which was trying to cross L.O.C. Abhinandan ejected from the plane but landed into P.O.K . On 28 February Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announced in the parliament that Pakistan is going to release India’s pilot showing the gesture of peace.

A country which has been a breeding state of terrorist and terror activities is now teaching lessons of peace to the world . How did Imran khan and Pakistan’s military agree to this ? The world knows that Pakistan’s military has its importance in Pakistan just because of bitter relationship with India. Pakistan’s army and its intelligence agency is continuously involved in plotting against India. Pakistan’s army has tried its might in 1948, 1971 and Kargil and has lost it every time .

Since it cannot defeat the Indian armed forces in front to front battle it took the help of Non state actors to challenge India’s integrity and sovereignty. It is not like Pakistan is serious on terrorist and terror activities or there has been a change of heart . Pakistan’s desire of choosing peace is because its economy is on edge of bankruptcy. The other fact that Pakistan has made such decision is because U.K ,U.S.A and France have announced to list Jaish e Mohammed as a terrorist group which will force Pakistan to take action against it . The Pakistani government which has come into power getting the help of such non state actors will have a tough time doing it .

India submitted the evidences after carrying out its attack . Such an action has made Pakistan to understand the fact that India is in no mood to spare it this time . Peace between India and Pakistan will rely on the fact that how Pakistan reacts on the evidences provided by India. Pakistan also needs to control it’s non state actor .Any unfortunate incident planned from Pakistan will lead to tension and escalation of war.


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