5 Tips to keep your smartphone Safe and Secure


The trend of a smartphone is increasing day by day and popularity is at peak. As per the report of International Data Corporation (IDC), over 500 Million mobile devices were shipped worldwide and are increasing at the rate of 25% consistently.

But with this, the security with the phone is another major concern which needs to be addressed properly. With the use, you should also learn to keep your electronic gadget secure and safe.

In this article, we will discuss the same. We will see how you can keep your phone secure and protect it from any hacker or from any invalid activity.

We will not only look for the security but also on the spy part. There are many free cell phone spy applications for Android which knowingly or unknowingly installed on your phone. You need to take precautions from such installation.

Let’s start and see what you can do to save yourself from these invalid activities.

#1 Don’t Install Apps from Untrusted Sources

Most of the issues come from this only. Usually, due to the free apps, we install it from anywhere and that results in lots of virus and spy apps. Even you won’t be able to know if something like this has been installed on your phone.

So, it’s recommended to use the apps and programs from the authentic sources only. Like if you have an Android phone, download from Google Play store; if using iPhone, download from iTunes; and if using windows phone then use the windows store to get the trusted applications.

#2 Keep your Phone Updated

The host company of which you are using the phone and applications keep on rolling the security updates. And you should keep your device systems like operating system, applications and other programs to adhere the latest security updates and patches.

Make sure you are using the latest operating system. Recently, the ransomware came was on the old operating system of windows 7 majorly. So, always keep them updated to keep yourself protected.

#3 Use Antiviruses

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to spend anything here. Almost all the leading antivirus companies are providing their mobile applications for free with some limited uses. The limited uses are also more than sufficient for you.

These apps will keep on monitoring your phone for any kind of virus and will alert you if any found. By this way, you can keep your phone safe.

#4 Use screen lock

The very basic but the most important one!

Don’t use the default right or left swipe option to unlock your smartphone. Make sure to use the complex PIN or complex pattern to unlock the phone. Nowadays phones are also coming with the face detection which you can use for best security.

If someone will have the access to your phone then it won’t take more than a minute to install any spy app and Download Lucky Patcher

#5 Use Monitoring Apps

As I said above, sometimes with the free apps, some spy app also gets installed on your phone. These are so small that you can’t even find it on your phone. Usually, these apps work in the background and you won’t be able to know if something unwanted apps are on your phone.

You can use monitoring app which will alert you whenever any new app or program will be installed on your phone. Depending on that you can take action and secure your phone.


These were the 5 best techniques to keep your phone safe and secure. All these are a free tool and so, you won’t have to think of commercials. You can also check the apps from the websites like Snoopza.

Stay safe and stay secure!


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