Finally, India to make high end Apple devices


After a long time, India has been able to turn the table towards her side by reaching a rank of 77 from 100 in Ease Of Doing Business. Since 2014 the Modi government have come up with a number of policies to uplift the country’s growth, and the policy related to business and technology sector was “Come, make in India“.

Make in India is a  national program designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. It contains a raft of proposals designed to urge companies — local and foreign — to invest in India and make the country a manufacturing powerhouse.

Keeping in mind, “Come, make in India”, the Information Technology Ministry has taken a giant leap by approving Wistron’s Rs 5000cr plan to manufacture premium Apple phones in India.

This initiative is a godsend for India, as it will help India to become a global manufacturing hub. This step is a golden key cause, it will open a number of doors like,

It will increase employability in our country

-The country will get a boom in the workforce

-And an increase in skilled labor with great English fluency.

The Wistron, Taiwanese contract manufacturer already makes Apple’s cheaper iPhone models like the iPhone SE at an assembly unit in Bengaluru and now after the acceptance from the ministry, it will expand to build newer and expensive models as well.

Currently, 337 million smartphone users are in India and it remains the fastest growing smartphone market in the world which makes the country lucrative to both smartphone makers and contract manufacturers.

And for iPhones, there is always a zeal about the prices. Now we have to wait and watch what transformation will Apple bring in India in terms of its price ad policy.

The minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, said in an interview to the Economic Times that the “government will lend full support to software product makers, including protection of intellectual property rights (IPR)”. “India is known for its software services—we want it to become a big hub for products,” he said.

“I would expect social media platforms to give due consideration and respect to the wish and the mandate of the Election Commission,” he said. “There will have to be technological solutions to address these concerns over the fairness of election campaign and the onus is on the social media platforms…

Digital India is another national program and it is linked with Come, Make in India and these programs are pioneers for the country, they have the power to transform India into a New India.

India is acknowledged for its purchasing power and availability of cheap and skilled labor, therefore the investors across the world are being welcomed in India in order to create employment and provide a global platform to its countrymen.




  1. Hope this will bring more employment and affordable rates for Apple users.
    So is it for Apple accessories also like an Apple watch, Airpods?

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