Fitbit launches new series of products, including Fitbit inspire & inspire HR


Fitbit a San Francisco based company whose mission is to empower, inspire and help people to live a healthier and active life. It’s a company whose approach is wireless and puts a step forward with new emerging technologies.

As it prioritizes the health of each and every generation with the help of sensors and wireless technology. It acknowledges the need and comfort of its people.

Fitbit introduces us to another world, we humans fall for its products effortlessly. It helps us to take care of our hearts, shed lights if we are sleeping, helps us to keep a track of our workout and stores everything for us. It feels its products are made with our consents only as if we are making it for ourselves.

Fitbit paves its way by launching brand new products for its users across every age.

Boldness and simplicity are the attributes of uniqueness and keeping this in mind Fitbit launches VERSA LITE EDITION watches.

And fashion is defined by the comforts and without it fashion is vague, comfort is what inspires the making of products. And Fitbit inspire & inspire HR comes with motivation at your finger it just simplifies the things for the user ,let the users to connect with their  own world easily and is filled with love and seems to be designed for life.

For children everything is important their time,their health,their games.And for parents to track the activites of their children seems full of efforts even if they give their best for their children still it feels less to them .Fitbit has come up with a solution by launching Fitbit Ace 2 for children

Fitbit Inspire and Ace 2 will retail at Rs. 6,999 in India, whereas the Inspire HR will cost Rs. 8,999. The Fitbit Versa Lite will cost Rs. 15,999 in India.Fitbit also introduces its unique accessories for the users to customize and enhance their style and try to break out a new look everytime.




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