Google launches StadiaXbox; To let gamers play without console

google stadia

It’s a year for gamers, and by hearing this news now, they will be like, finally, our wait is over. It may sound dramatic but, for gamers, the launch of Stadia will be a gamer changer.

What is Stadia?

Stadia is a gaming console by Google. It is similar to Netflix,.The only difference in them is that one includes games and the other does not. Stadia is like, choose a game, play, and if you don’t like, leave.

Google Stadia will allow users to play games through a web browser or even Youtube. So there is no infuriation of downloads and installation. The company is trying its best to give, be it PUGB or Assassin Creed or FIFA, they got you covered. What one needs is a steady internet connection.

Be it a TV, laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone Google Stadia will support all of them. Stadia also comes with Google Assistant to give orders directly via voice command.

How Stadia will work?

Google is using its cloud and network of data centers for Stadia. It is a project stream as well as a subscription-based gaming service. The company had previously been rumored as working on it since at least 2016. It’s Google’s first platform which is providing gamers a huge domain. Stadia may change the current scenario of the gaming world.


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