Google releases Android Q Beta 2; comes with performance enhancement, new materialistic design


Google introduced the second version of its Android Q Beta. The new version comes up with improvisation in performance, battery life, security as well as privacy. It’s been a very long that Google has introduced a new version of Android Q Beta.

The new feature which it includes are- providing a meaning to the swipe gestures in notifications and there also a slight change in the battery design through material designing and also the volume slider allows to change different types of media and the share menu comes up with a preview of the screenshot before sharing it, the share menu is now a bit faster and easier. This version is quite stable than the older version.

The people at XDA Developers also noticed that the update enables the use of dual-SIM on the Pixel 3, an iPhone X-style gesture bar and additional support for folding phones but gesture bar is not so flexible as of iPhone.

What’s gathering attention is that the “PixelThemesStub”, the ‘stub’ here indicates an empty APK that is pre-installed so the Google Play Store can further update it according to the requirement. But there are a lot of expectations from Google’s Android Q beta two version.


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