Netflix mulls to launch mobile-only subscription for India at INR 249


Our smartphones have replaced television from our lives at a certain point. The reason is Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others.

Netflix is coming up with cheaper subscriptions that will allow access to its streaming video service only on mobile devices, at just Rs. 250 ($3.65) a month in India. Netflix was launched in India in 2016 and from that very point, we somehow lost the zeal of watching television and didn’t care about the DTH (direct to home) service.

In summation, Netflix has already started providing contents in local languages, including Bollywood blockbusters and also homegrown series.

The step taken by Netflix is to increase its users and achieve the target of 100 million Indian subscribers.

If we observe the Indian market with respect to smartphones so it is increasing day by day enormously. Apart from the proliferating smartphone users, the other factor is the availability of the internet, is what attracted these streaming giants into our country.

At present, Netflix’s prices are quite higher than any other service provider in India. Although it offers a wide range of international and original domestic content, pricing is a primary concern for potential subscribers. But to grab the attention of the customers and sustain its position for a longer duration the initiative taken by Netflix is so far considered the best.

Netflix might surprise the world by providing a subscription for a shorter increment of time. It’s not yet confirmed but the chances of happening, are quite high.


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