Maldives and Madagascar inspire Rahul Mishra’s Paris Haute Couture Collection

“I find a huge influence from my recent visit to Maldives which surfaces prominently in a part of the collection,” fashion designer Rahul Mishra tells us as he talks about his collection to be showcased at the Paris Haute Couture Week. “I had a chance to snorkel on the trip and I found the underwater […]

Paris Fashion Week: Indian Designer Rahul Mishra makes it to Haute Couture calendar

Costume Designer Rahul Mishra is all set to mark Indian fashion’s footprint at Haute Couture Week in Paris. Said to be the first from India to join the calendar, the designer has been invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture committee to showcase at Paris Fashion Week in January 2020 for spring couture. […]