How to travel Goa in a budget?


It is not surprising that Goa always experiences an influx of tourists the entire year around. If you are here thinking that every backpacker is rich and well off, you are sadly mistaken. I used to think that too but once I have set off on my own journey through the country, I can tell that is not the case. Not every person is well off but it is the passion for travelling that keeps their mindset still. While I have been running a travel blog as an Indian backpacker, I am going to be sharing some useful tips you can implement to travel Goa on a budget, especially if you are travelling solo.

Opt for hostels over hotels

Accommodation in Goa is often one of the things that leave everyone in a state of frenzy. Owing to the fact that this small state runs well good on just tourism, it is not surprising that the hotels and resorts have high prices for their rooms, especially when you visit during the peak season. I was also a lot troubled where I could stay that would fit my budget and that’s when I came across the backpacker’s hostels around in Goa. They are much like making a family among tourists and travelers from across the globe. I did end up making so many friends during my stay and the price points are quite low as well which an added bonus to it is. I would definitely 10/10 recommend this if you have been thinking of traveling to Goa on a budget.

Visit during the off-season

Before anyone bursts through, this is for the people who want to explore Goa and not just the carnivals and the nightlife. Often times, the high prices of the hotels and the drinks and the clubs around are high when it is in its prime time. If you are on a budget and simply want to explore Goa and visit the tranquil beaches around, visiting during the off-season is something that I would highly recommend to you.

Book the tickets beforehand

Last minute booking for your travel tickets is never going to pan out well in your favour. If you want the best deals, you need to stay alert and start booking the transport as well as the accommodation well before a few months of your visit. This helps you gain good deals and even save a lot more than what you would imagine.

Buy your own liquor

If you think liquor in Goa is cheap, you also need to know that buying them from shacks and restaurants won’t fetch you alcohol at the same price. If you want the best deals, you need to step out of the hotel or hostel and stock up on your own liquor. The last thing you want to do is end up spending unnecessary money on something that you can get for a lot cheaper.

Swerving through Goa can easily be done on a budget if you keep these above tips in mind. I have been to this beautiful beach state quite a few times and these above-mentioned tips are something I can vouch for.


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